Is Tiktok Safe enough?

After President Donald Trump announced plans to ban Chinese app TikTok, the question of how much we can trust in this popular app has become a hot topic. time

Trump told reporters on the seated Air Force One. That will stop people from using tick tock in the US And may sign the President Order of the United States or the Executive Order by August 1.

It was not clear what power Mr Trump would use to suspend the ban. How to enforce that power And how will it affect the law?

US security officer Worried that this app Chinese company ByteDance may be used to collect American personal information.

In the US, 80 million monthly users of the app are used regularly. While around the world there are approximately 800 million people used per month.

A Tik Tok spokesman declined to comment on Mr Trump’s remarks. But told the US media They believe in Tik Tok’s long-term success in the United States.

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It is not clear what authority Mr Trump will use to halt. And how will it affect the law?

How does Tik Tok relate to China?
Tick ​​tock starting from 3 separate applications

The first one is a US application called, which was founded in 2014.

In 2016, Chinese technology giant Bytedance Established a similar app to as Douyin.

ByteDance then expanded Douyin’s operations internationally under the name TikTok, before in 2018 ByteDance acquired and unified all of its applications under the name TikTok.

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How much data does tick tock store?
Tik Tok stores a large amount of application user data, including:

What video you watch And you go to comment
Information about your location
Your phone model and usage system
User text typing stroke
The app’s collection of information has been questioned a lot. Including the recent revelation that tick tock read that the user went What text “copy and paste”?

But that’s not so uncommon as many other applications such as Reddit, New York Times And the BBC News did, and it didn’t seem like a bad act. And it can be compared to other “data-hungry” applications such as Facebook.

China can use the app Can you monitor people?
When a reporter asked US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo if he would recommend a tick tock download earlier this month.

He replied, “If you want your personal information to fall into the hands of the Chinese Communist Party, do it.”

By now India’s largest Tik Tok market. It has banned the use of tick tock and 58 other Chinese apps for reasons of government security concerns.

However, tick tock confirmed several times that user data was stored outside of China.

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Trump told reporters on the seated Air Force One. That will stop people from using tick tock in the US

“The proposal that we are in the hands of China One way or another It’s totally false, ”Tik Tok, Theo Bertram, head of public policy in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, told the BBC.

Critics say it is theoretically possible, however, because the 2017 China National Security Law forces any citizen or organization to “support, assist and cooperate with the country’s intelligence work”.

But Mr. Bertram said If the Chinese government requests information The company will certainly decline.

Could tick tock be used in Chinese propaganda?
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Some parties are also concerned about data censorship.

China is one of the most restrictive internet freedom in the world. Last year The Guardian reported that tick-tock employees and the automation of data censorship applications considered politically sensitive. It was reported that a video of the Tiananmen Square protests was blocked. And a video with content on the claim of Tibetan independence.

Washington Post Speaking to six former tick-tock employees, the Chinese data watchdog has the power to decide whether to approve the video distribution.

ByteDance said that since then, it has been gradually abandoned. But some still believe the content review criteria are still swaying the Chinese state.