5 of the world’s most dangerous hacker groups

The world today is becoming more and more difficult. In addition to having to watch out for thieves and thieves around you Also be aware of the threat of hackers being overrun. Even our mobile phones can be easily hacked. How much money do you have in your account? The cyber crooks can transfer them to their accounts. Before he realized it again, he was exhausted

More frightening is “Modern hacker” is not a turbulent amateur who wants to declare the versatility as before, but “cyber spy” is still a weapon of all poles of world powers. Powerful media “Fortune” ranks fifth of the world’s greatest hacker gangs. That was creating turbulence level 10 and was behind countless chaotic events

“Fancy Bear” and “Cozy Bear” are two vicious hackers with the Russian intelligence behind them. The pair made a notoriously world-famous hack from the Democratic Election Commission’s computer system hack. During the last US presidential campaign, “Hillary Clinton” was knocked out of the electoral election. Even if it’s a bear family But two bears cannot live in the same cave !! “Fancy Bear” is the same as Sofacy and Pawn Storm, headed by Russian military intelligence, GRU is dominant to interfere with European elections, and “Cozy Bear” pseudonyms Cozy Duke and Office Monkeys are the demonic heirs of the unit. The FSB intelligence inherited from the KGB has a primary mission to attack American NGOs.

The “Lazarus Group” went on a rampage in the name of Dark Seoul and the Guardians of Peace were seen as close to North Korea. Because of burning, black heart The gang began a turbulent operation in 2009, primarily targeting American and South Korean sites. The masterpiece is Hacking the computer database of Sony Pictures Entertainment Camp Most recently, last year, dark cybercriminals hacked into Bangladesh’s central bank servers. Stole more than 81 million US dollars. The gang was also involved in the global ransom virus. WannaCry launched a simultaneous attack in 28 languages ​​in 99 countries, causing the virus to swiftly spread all over the world in May. The biggest target is Russia, China and Europe. Try this virus to penetrate the computer system. If the owner does not pay the bitcoin ransom (Cryptocurrency) everything will go paralyzed immediately. I can’t use my computer Or have access to their own information system

Despite being exposed to the same virus But strange in America and England I was hit by a very little telegraph. Because suddenly there was a nameless young man who was well versed in the ransom virus Riding on a white horse to help stop the contagion immediately. In other words, the person who invented these infectious agents was the American government. To use as a cyber weapon to sneak attack enemies The United States has partnered with Israel to send a “Stuxnet” malware program to destroy Iran’s nuclear program on several occasions. Forced Iran to end the project last year. The operation is believed to be the skill of the highly technical “Equation Group” hacker group, backed by the National Security Agency of America. When there is a Dharma side There must be an unrighteous side To enjoy the full flavor Equation’s rival is “Shadow Brokers,” which specifically stare at America’s cyber weapons. If not Russia backed So who dares to twitch the tiger’s tentacles?

Chinese superpowers did not fall into the trend. The Chinese government is affiliated with several gangs of cyber espionage. His beloved child, “Comment Crew,” has set out to disrupt the world on behalf of APT1 and the Shanghai Group has been targeting the computer operations base of Chinese business giants. Both Coca-Cola and Lockheed Martin have experienced power.

The “Sandworm” group, the same group as “Electrum,” was linked to accepting jobs from Russia. This gang is fully organized, focusing on the world’s high-level organizations. The name-making work is Hacking of NATO corporate networks And the Ukrainian government The gang is also good at digging into the construction of major infrastructure structures nationally. To destroy your competitors

The assistant commander of the police officer was exposed to himself 4 credit cards hacked

Assistant Chief of Police revealed in the middle of the academic conference “Research, Technology and Innovation For cutting-edge justice. ”Meets four credit card hackers to test data breaches

Today (Sept. 10) at the Temiyaves meeting room Royal Police Cadet Academy (Royal School), Nakhon Pathom Province held a national academic conference Forensic Science, Criminology Law and Justice Administration, 3rd time in the topic “Research on Technology and Innovation. For cutting-edge fair work “to be a national platform for disseminating academic achievements Including development And integrate science in various disciplines To continuously develop police work Which will give rise to confidence And the dimension of forensic science and the justice process in line with the circumstances Of crime in the era of Thailand 4.0, which has 23 academic research papers, divided into 3 disciplines, namely, Criminology and Justice Administration, 10 subjects, Forensic Science 4 subjects, and Laws 9 Subject, with a total of 400 people attending the meeting

Lt. Col. Piya Utayo, assistant commander of the police said Today, happy to come back to The Royal Envoy, once again, in another role It will tell you about 3 important events that happened yesterday, which is a hacker who destroyed the system. A hospital that caused damage to basic information was destroyed. But it is still good that medical care systems such as surgery and serious patient care can still be carried out. Story 2 The Information Technology Center has followed up and arrested a company that has systematically implemented to spin the likes. Views such as spinning top songs Cosmetics sales Using an area of ​​only a few square meters, using more than 1,000 phones to operate this online business, the number of likes and views displayed to the public is a very interesting issue and the 3rd, 9th, 9th month, worldwide promotion for trade Many banks send a message to the consumer that your credit card number has had an unusual transaction. Which of my own credit cards got 4 cards, as an informal debt suppressor, was also tested by hackers. Because accessing information is very easy, just search for information by name. Last name only This is the world of online crime reaching all citizens.

“Of the 3 incidents that happened Should be sufficient to the importance of the crime. Organizing a national academic conference Forensic science, law, criminology and justice administration Today, it is a great answer to the crime problem of Thailand. Today, the first year police cadet students have studied various course materials. Which has been modified in accordance with this crime. But it is believed that the 3 events that occurred the course of The Royal Envoy has not been able to keep pace since today’s crime is always going one step forward, bringing the justice process, ”Lt. Col. Piya said.

Lt. Col. Piya said that Thanks to the Faculty of Forensic Science The Royal School has initiated various matters All these along Has seen growth Believe that the driving measure or the spark is important By what the President of the Education Council of the Royal Navy, the commander of the Royal Navy, has laid the foundation for it. The area at the back of the Royal School of more than 300 rai in a period of not more than 5 months can be opened as a source for law enforcement institutions. Both in Thailand and ASEAN It will create a model city with a landscape, including urban, rural, shopping malls, gas stations, etc., which can be seen. The Royal Thai Police is not an institution that produces the police to serve the people only. Rather, it will be an institute that creates knowledge for the new generation to have knowledge that never stops. To be able to continue to take care of Thailand

Pol Maj Gen Phatcharasin Loyma, Dean of the Faculty of Forensic Science The Royal Police Cadet Academy said the third national academic conference was organized with the aim of being a national academic forum for disseminating research results. Academic Articles and Student Thesis Teachers and researchers Higher education levels within and outside educational institutions Including government and private sectors As well as a knowledge exchange platform with experts in forensic science and the administration of justice Between educational institutions and relevant government agencies in Thailand and abroad This is in line with the 9th National Research Policy and Strategy (2017-2021) in order to strengthen academic strength and to build networks of researchers at the national level. For advancement of state-of-the-art academic development in forensic science, law and justice administration. As well as supporting the dissemination and transfer of research technology To the international society That brings benefits and academic progress for further sustainable development.

Maj. Gen. Ying Phachara said Organizing a national forum to present research and academic results this time It has an excellent article. That received 3 awards: 1. Criminology and Justice Administration On the development and promotion of legal innovation Forensic science and database to solve urgent problems of the administration of justice for children and young people. 2. Forensic science. Subject: Crimes Analysis Program Related to the Offense of Children and Youth 3. Law Group In addition to the new criminal punishment in the COVID-19 era, it also contains interesting research and social benefits. And the country in a number of 20 issues such as the development of detection of latent fingerprints on fabric witnesses, the presence of latent fingerprints on wet 80-gram paper documents, guidelines for enhancing the efficiency of evidence collection and collection. way electronics Of the Department of Special Investigation, guidelines for formulating policies, strategies, master plans and human action plans

Hacker turned 6,000 THB into 7,800,000 THB with a loophole in DeFi protocol.

An anonymous user has revealed that he has made up to $ 250,000 in profits from small investments in Yearn.finance A cloned version called Soft Yearn (SYFI).

The SYFI token is launched as a soft-pegged digital currency, which will automatically expand or automate contracts with supply.The concept was popularized by Ampleforth, which used a price reduction mechanism to adjust supply to reflect the change in Need

However, the token’s Uniswap price is not adjusted to account for rebase and traders can sell the token at a previous price. And causing the liquidity in the pool almost completely disappeared And a flaw in the SYFI rebase mechanism caused anonymous users to receive a large number of tokens during the first rebase on Sept. 3.

DeFi user Amplify admitted that he was the man who made 740 ETH on his initial investment of just 0.5 ETH, a return of roughly $ 250,000 for a cost of just $ 200.

What happened is that before rebases, they had 2 SYFIs bought for $ 100 each.

I was staring at Uniswap with boredom when 2 SYFI changed to 15,551 and later the price for these tokens became more than 740ETH.

He also argues that he does not exploit code vulnerabilities or hacks into smart contracts and acknowledges that the profits are just accidental.

I did not intend to hurt anyone. I didn’t want SYFI to fail, they never had any bad intentions, I just saw an opportunity and I took it.

The SYFI token skyrocketed at first along with many DeFi project tokens, but within a day it collapsed to almost nothing due to the exploitation of a protocol bug.

Bitcoin Gets to Know

  1. Bitcoin (bitcoin) is a digital currency.

Bitcoin (bitcoin), the abbreviation BTC, is one of the digital currencies. There are many brands in the world, but one that is louder than anyone because he was the big brother in the industry before battling traditional financial systems before his birth in 2009.

Currently it is 10 years old and is called “King of the crypto industry”

Still, bitcoins are not certified as legal money by the Central Bank of Thailand (BOT), but there are other countries like Japan where bitcoin can be used to pay for goods and services. Legally

  1. Bitcoin is the origin of blockchain technology.

Bitcoin is the birthplace of blockchain technology. Which transactions The bitcoins will be included in the box, known as the Block, once the transaction has been verified. The boxes will be connected from the previous block into a chain, and so on. Respectively, called Blockchain.

Following the birth of bitcoin, many more varieties of digital assets emerged. Which are based on blockchain technology Examples include Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Zcash, and Zcoin.

  1. Her birth is an anonymous person named “Satoshi Nakamoto”

Satoshi released a white paper on Oct. 31, 2008 (2008), before going live in 2009 until today, and now no one knows who Satoshi is, a man or woman. A group of people … !!?

Who knows to bother telling the lady With a phone number Will ask for a special interview appointment> <

4.Approximately 4 million bitcoins are left to mine.

Bitcoin is limited to 21 million BTC in the world, as of January 2019 there is a certain amount of bitcoins. Around 17 million BTC are circulated in the system, with Satoshi making it harder and harder to mine. From the first year, easy to dig That’s why 50 bitcoins are released every 10 minutes or 300 bitcoins per hour, which is 7,200 bitcoins per day or 2.6 million bitcoins per year.

Bitcoin is designed to be released in half every four years, so it will reach $ 21 million in 2140 or 2683, or about 4 million BTC remaining.

  1. Bitcoin’s highest record is 650,000 baht / BTC.

Bitcoin price went up to All Time High in December 2017, almost $ 20,000 per bitcoin, or about 650,000 baht (the exchange rate at that time of 32.54 baht / dollar), before going head-to-head all year. 2018 continued to the beginning of 2019, at the time of writing this article at 3,400 US dollars or about 100,000 baht only. (Which the price fluctuates and changes very quickly in 24 hours)

You can see that the Bitcoin price fluctuates more and more, the force – the pressure. No silling – no floor Like the stock market, it is limited to 30% of the previous day’s closing price. Which reduces volatility to a certain extent

6.Bitcoin market cap More than half of the total market

As of January 2019, bitcoin has a market cap of approximately $ 60 billion, or 53% of the market cap, including the crypto market at $ 120 billion. Followed by Bitcoin XRP and Ethereum, which have market caps of $ 11.9 billion and $ 11.0 billion respectively.

Hence, Bitcoin’s sharp fluctuation or fluctuation has a significant effect on the value of the crypto market. Plus, it also affects the trading atmosphere of other digital coins. (Altcoins) to be bad, too.

  1. Bitcoin is the “most high-risk” asset.

Just this stock is very risky, but bitcoins are heavier because they can’t estimate the proper value at all.Unlike stocks that have many valuation methods, be it P / E, DCA or SOTP, etc., Bitcoin has no value. P / E and no fundamentals to evaluate You can only view charts of technical signals to find points of purchase and selling points

Bitcoin in Thailand does not yet have any agency to support it. And trading prices in the market are very volatile like a roller coaster Many people used to get rich with bitcoins like “King”, they turned into “poor” just over the years. Plus usage as a digital currency It depends on the acceptance between the buyer and the seller of the product.

But on these risks …

Some investors see it as The most exciting “alternative assets” of the 21st century, as people view it It is still not used to buy rice and curry.

And many others believe that bitcoins are dying …

Is Tiktok Safe enough?

After President Donald Trump announced plans to ban Chinese app TikTok, the question of how much we can trust in this popular app has become a hot topic. time

Trump told reporters on the seated Air Force One. That will stop people from using tick tock in the US And may sign the President Order of the United States or the Executive Order by August 1.

It was not clear what power Mr Trump would use to suspend the ban. How to enforce that power And how will it affect the law?

US security officer Worried that this app Chinese company ByteDance may be used to collect American personal information.

In the US, 80 million monthly users of the app are used regularly. While around the world there are approximately 800 million people used per month.

A Tik Tok spokesman declined to comment on Mr Trump’s remarks. But told the US media They believe in Tik Tok’s long-term success in the United States.

President Donald Trump
Image source, EPA
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It is not clear what authority Mr Trump will use to halt. And how will it affect the law?

How does Tik Tok relate to China?
Tick ​​tock starting from 3 separate applications

The first one is a US application called Musical.ly, which was founded in 2014.

In 2016, Chinese technology giant Bytedance Established a similar app to Musical.ly as Douyin.

ByteDance then expanded Douyin’s operations internationally under the name TikTok, before in 2018 ByteDance acquired Musical.ly and unified all of its applications under the name TikTok.

US Secretary of State says Chinese app may be banned
What is the president’s special order?
The US-China trade war: what has happened in the past 2 years?
US orders closure of Chinese consulate in Houston Claims of a military agent hiding at a consulate in San Francisco.
How much data does tick tock store?
Tik Tok stores a large amount of application user data, including:

What video you watch And you go to comment
Information about your location
Your phone model and usage system
User text typing stroke
The app’s collection of information has been questioned a lot. Including the recent revelation that tick tock read that the user went What text “copy and paste”?

But that’s not so uncommon as many other applications such as Reddit, New York Times And the BBC News did, and it didn’t seem like a bad act. And it can be compared to other “data-hungry” applications such as Facebook.

China can use the app Can you monitor people?
When a reporter asked US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo if he would recommend a tick tock download earlier this month.

He replied, “If you want your personal information to fall into the hands of the Chinese Communist Party, do it.”

By now India’s largest Tik Tok market. It has banned the use of tick tock and 58 other Chinese apps for reasons of government security concerns.

However, tick tock confirmed several times that user data was stored outside of China.

TikTok graphic
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Trump told reporters on the seated Air Force One. That will stop people from using tick tock in the US

“The proposal that we are in the hands of China One way or another It’s totally false, ”Tik Tok, Theo Bertram, head of public policy in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, told the BBC.

Critics say it is theoretically possible, however, because the 2017 China National Security Law forces any citizen or organization to “support, assist and cooperate with the country’s intelligence work”.

But Mr. Bertram said If the Chinese government requests information The company will certainly decline.

Could tick tock be used in Chinese propaganda?
India app
Image Source, GETTY IMAGES
Some parties are also concerned about data censorship.

China is one of the most restrictive internet freedom in the world. Last year The Guardian reported that tick-tock employees and the automation of data censorship applications considered politically sensitive. It was reported that a video of the Tiananmen Square protests was blocked. And a video with content on the claim of Tibetan independence.

Washington Post Speaking to six former tick-tock employees, the Chinese data watchdog has the power to decide whether to approve the video distribution.

ByteDance said that since then, it has been gradually abandoned. But some still believe the content review criteria are still swaying the Chinese state.