Bitcoin Gets to Know

  1. Bitcoin (bitcoin) is a digital currency.

Bitcoin (bitcoin), the abbreviation BTC, is one of the digital currencies. There are many brands in the world, but one that is louder than anyone because he was the big brother in the industry before battling traditional financial systems before his birth in 2009.

Currently it is 10 years old and is called “King of the crypto industry”

Still, bitcoins are not certified as legal money by the Central Bank of Thailand (BOT), but there are other countries like Japan where bitcoin can be used to pay for goods and services. Legally

  1. Bitcoin is the origin of blockchain technology.

Bitcoin is the birthplace of blockchain technology. Which transactions The bitcoins will be included in the box, known as the Block, once the transaction has been verified. The boxes will be connected from the previous block into a chain, and so on. Respectively, called Blockchain.

Following the birth of bitcoin, many more varieties of digital assets emerged. Which are based on blockchain technology Examples include Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Zcash, and Zcoin.

  1. Her birth is an anonymous person named “Satoshi Nakamoto”

Satoshi released a white paper on Oct. 31, 2008 (2008), before going live in 2009 until today, and now no one knows who Satoshi is, a man or woman. A group of people … !!?

Who knows to bother telling the lady With a phone number Will ask for a special interview appointment> <

4.Approximately 4 million bitcoins are left to mine.

Bitcoin is limited to 21 million BTC in the world, as of January 2019 there is a certain amount of bitcoins. Around 17 million BTC are circulated in the system, with Satoshi making it harder and harder to mine. From the first year, easy to dig That’s why 50 bitcoins are released every 10 minutes or 300 bitcoins per hour, which is 7,200 bitcoins per day or 2.6 million bitcoins per year.

Bitcoin is designed to be released in half every four years, so it will reach $ 21 million in 2140 or 2683, or about 4 million BTC remaining.

  1. Bitcoin’s highest record is 650,000 baht / BTC.

Bitcoin price went up to All Time High in December 2017, almost $ 20,000 per bitcoin, or about 650,000 baht (the exchange rate at that time of 32.54 baht / dollar), before going head-to-head all year. 2018 continued to the beginning of 2019, at the time of writing this article at 3,400 US dollars or about 100,000 baht only. (Which the price fluctuates and changes very quickly in 24 hours)

You can see that the Bitcoin price fluctuates more and more, the force – the pressure. No silling – no floor Like the stock market, it is limited to 30% of the previous day’s closing price. Which reduces volatility to a certain extent

6.Bitcoin market cap More than half of the total market

As of January 2019, bitcoin has a market cap of approximately $ 60 billion, or 53% of the market cap, including the crypto market at $ 120 billion. Followed by Bitcoin XRP and Ethereum, which have market caps of $ 11.9 billion and $ 11.0 billion respectively.

Hence, Bitcoin’s sharp fluctuation or fluctuation has a significant effect on the value of the crypto market. Plus, it also affects the trading atmosphere of other digital coins. (Altcoins) to be bad, too.

  1. Bitcoin is the “most high-risk” asset.

Just this stock is very risky, but bitcoins are heavier because they can’t estimate the proper value at all.Unlike stocks that have many valuation methods, be it P / E, DCA or SOTP, etc., Bitcoin has no value. P / E and no fundamentals to evaluate You can only view charts of technical signals to find points of purchase and selling points

Bitcoin in Thailand does not yet have any agency to support it. And trading prices in the market are very volatile like a roller coaster Many people used to get rich with bitcoins like “King”, they turned into “poor” just over the years. Plus usage as a digital currency It depends on the acceptance between the buyer and the seller of the product.

But on these risks …

Some investors see it as The most exciting “alternative assets” of the 21st century, as people view it It is still not used to buy rice and curry.

And many others believe that bitcoins are dying …