5 of the world’s most dangerous hacker groups

The world today is becoming more and more difficult. In addition to having to watch out for thieves and thieves around you Also be aware of the threat of hackers being overrun. Even our mobile phones can be easily hacked. How much money do you have in your account? The cyber crooks can transfer them to their accounts. Before he realized it again, he was exhausted

More frightening is “Modern hacker” is not a turbulent amateur who wants to declare the versatility as before, but “cyber spy” is still a weapon of all poles of world powers. Powerful media “Fortune” ranks fifth of the world’s greatest hacker gangs. That was creating turbulence level 10 and was behind countless chaotic events

“Fancy Bear” and “Cozy Bear” are two vicious hackers with the Russian intelligence behind them. The pair made a notoriously world-famous hack from the Democratic Election Commission’s computer system hack. During the last US presidential campaign, “Hillary Clinton” was knocked out of the electoral election. Even if it’s a bear family But two bears cannot live in the same cave !! “Fancy Bear” is the same as Sofacy and Pawn Storm, headed by Russian military intelligence, GRU is dominant to interfere with European elections, and “Cozy Bear” pseudonyms Cozy Duke and Office Monkeys are the demonic heirs of the unit. The FSB intelligence inherited from the KGB has a primary mission to attack American NGOs.

The “Lazarus Group” went on a rampage in the name of Dark Seoul and the Guardians of Peace were seen as close to North Korea. Because of burning, black heart The gang began a turbulent operation in 2009, primarily targeting American and South Korean sites. The masterpiece is Hacking the computer database of Sony Pictures Entertainment Camp Most recently, last year, dark cybercriminals hacked into Bangladesh’s central bank servers. Stole more than 81 million US dollars. The gang was also involved in the global ransom virus. WannaCry launched a simultaneous attack in 28 languages ​​in 99 countries, causing the virus to swiftly spread all over the world in May. The biggest target is Russia, China and Europe. Try this virus to penetrate the computer system. If the owner does not pay the bitcoin ransom (Cryptocurrency) everything will go paralyzed immediately. I can’t use my computer Or have access to their own information system

Despite being exposed to the same virus But strange in America and England I was hit by a very little telegraph. Because suddenly there was a nameless young man who was well versed in the ransom virus Riding on a white horse to help stop the contagion immediately. In other words, the person who invented these infectious agents was the American government. To use as a cyber weapon to sneak attack enemies The United States has partnered with Israel to send a “Stuxnet” malware program to destroy Iran’s nuclear program on several occasions. Forced Iran to end the project last year. The operation is believed to be the skill of the highly technical “Equation Group” hacker group, backed by the National Security Agency of America. When there is a Dharma side There must be an unrighteous side To enjoy the full flavor Equation’s rival is “Shadow Brokers,” which specifically stare at America’s cyber weapons. If not Russia backed So who dares to twitch the tiger’s tentacles?

Chinese superpowers did not fall into the trend. The Chinese government is affiliated with several gangs of cyber espionage. His beloved child, “Comment Crew,” has set out to disrupt the world on behalf of APT1 and the Shanghai Group has been targeting the computer operations base of Chinese business giants. Both Coca-Cola and Lockheed Martin have experienced power.

The “Sandworm” group, the same group as “Electrum,” was linked to accepting jobs from Russia. This gang is fully organized, focusing on the world’s high-level organizations. The name-making work is Hacking of NATO corporate networks And the Ukrainian government The gang is also good at digging into the construction of major infrastructure structures nationally. To destroy your competitors